Created a site, in all browsers the layout is normal. Chrome blocks the css file. When I turn off Adblock - the site is working. How to treat it?

  • rename css file or path to it? if not your site, then make an exception - zb '
  • My site. Renaming does not save. - Radik Kamalov
  • As I understand it, the problem was in the name of the site. On localhost it was called advert. Renamed the site, now loads normally. But what if I want to use this domain name in the vast web? - Radik Kamalov
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    if your site is called advert, then it is associated with advertising apparently, the adblock blocks advertising, what the problem is not clear. - zb '
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    Well, adblock users don't like to read ads. :) The domain name containing the advert is a bad idea, I would not go to such a site. If you really want to save it, write to the AdBlockPlus developers and convince them that your site is not advertizing. But I would still change the domain. - VladD