In Adobe Flash, I create a project, I make two keyframes there, I throw one MoveClip from the library onto one frame, give it a name and do the same to the second frame, throw the same object and give the same name, now, if I turn to AS The first Moveclip, menu coordinates, then the second also changes its coordinates, tell me.

How can I make changes in frames in Flash so that it does not carry consequences with the following?

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    We need different instances of the movie, the simplest is to make a duplicate in the library.


    • program code setting coordinates for each frame to one movie (very economical)
    • set the movie coordinates for each frame in the editor
    • do it correctly and beautifully, the code that works not with frames, but with time intervals, use, for example, some animation library -, 0.9, {x:newXPosition}); that works with your movie array
    • And if they need a lot? - Bruyn
    • Supplemented. - ShockWave
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      The point is not in quantity, with proper organization, the number only affects the speed of execution. When creating movies, you stuff everyone, for example, into an array, and at the right moments pull from the array and assign the necessary coordinates or something else. Remember that the flash engine is not a compiler, it is very sensitive to the amount of code and data, 30 times per second to change the coordinates for 200 movie clips is not the best idea. - ShockWave