How to send data from a form to PHP using JavaScript and not to reload the page

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approach to building interactive user interfaces of web applications, which consists in the “background” exchange of browser data with a web server. As a result, when updating data, the web page does not reload completely, and web applications become faster and more convenient.

    AJAX, but if it cracks somewhere, then its functions through the jQuery framework (much simpler). :)

      I like to use this thing. $ .Post ('index.php', {variable: value}); or here's another

      $ .getJSON ('system / UI.php? user = auth', {authLogin: authLogin, authPassword: authPassword}, ​​function (obj) {lessonList ();});

      also a clear function)) but in general, you can rummage around here for example , see examples with implementations. They are quite diverse. If we say about my own experience, they did not let me down yet) only crooked hands sometimes