Greetings to all. And I again to you with a question :)

I’m picking up gcc, to my regret I found out that for i386 amd64 architectures the naked attribute is not supported.

Well, actually the questions:

  1. Is it possible to get around this unfortunate misunderstanding (maybe I overlooked some attributes specific to these architectures)
  2. Maybe someone knows - is there any evil or good intent on the part of the developers in the absence of this attribute? (in short, why is the attribute not supported?)

Many thanks for your replies.

  • Yes, it is really interesting, why for some architectures naked (minimal prolog and epilog functions) are supported, but not for x86? I would venture to suggest that in architectures for which the naked attribute is allowed, the machine CALL instruction itself provides the binding of function call frames. - avp

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Maybe the usual laziness is the reason.

  • Thank you very much, the second link is the one I’ll understand - gg4me