There are markup elements, for example li tags, which are in rotation and are alternately assigned and removed the class "active". How can I track class changes and if the class has changed, for example, from "active" to "current", call another function? Climb into the script rotator is not possible.

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    If css classes are assigned using the jquery addClass function, then it is enough just to overwrite it, and thus intercept the call:

    var origFn = $.fn.addClass; $.fn.addClass = function(className) { // Выполняем здесь необходимый нам код // и вызываем оригинальную функцию origFn.apply(this, arguments); } 
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      but that's not $.fn.val but still probably $.fn.addClass - GLAGOLA
    • I apologize) I just copied a piece of my code, and I didn’t change it to addClass everywhere - Pavel Azanov

    Operate in logical expressions with something like this:


    Next - a matter of technology ...

      If there are not very many of them, launch the function when loading the page, which will collect the values ​​of the classes of these elements into an array.

      Then, once a second (for example), again loop over the elements and compare with the array, run all we need, the new values ​​- into the array. And in a circle.

      • wow, this is an extreme case - makregistr