Guys, who knows any player for the site (jQuery, HTML5 is desirable) in order to play streaming audio. Audio goes here .

Here is the site itself: . Currently jPlayer is connected there. But he is not completely satisfied. Firstly it works only in chrome (in FF and Opera trouble). Maybe I did it wrong (everything can be seen in the source of the page)? Well, the second, not very important, is that the player pauses the audio when pressed and then plays from the place where it paused, and does not adjust to the air ..

  • about the pause - replace the pause button with stop / start play - zb
  • Yes, I also read the documentation, I realized that you need to do so. A opera and FF figured out. Created the second OGG stream - inferusvv

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Try Uppod . I did not use it myself, but my colleagues spoke very badly about him.

PS I wanted to add what I did a quick review and what I was pleased with: cross-browser compatibility (automatic switching from HTML5 to Flash, for browsers that do not support HTML5), JavaScript API (player control), designer (setting the player interface)