Good evening, dear forum users.
I am developing a Windows Form (32х\64х) application Windows Form (32х\64х) using VS2012.
I use the approach - the first model.
I use EntityFramework .
I use a local SQL Server Compact 4.0 database. Created a model> from it POCO classes and a database. The application works with a bang, but there is one BUT.
Requires SQL Server Compact 4.0 preinstalled. Actually, I read that applications with such a database can be deployed without installing the server (using its executable files). I worked all day on the Internet, experiments, but could not ensure that the application was launched on a computer without SQL Server Compact 4.0 pre-installed. There is a desire to create a portable application (users do not have administrator rights).
Share experience how all the same to slip assembly of SQL Server Compact 4.0 into the project and to set EntityFramework on them?

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    Here is a description from Microsoft itself how to do it:

      To read nothing, use NuGet, which in a couple of clicks will do everything for you just by adding a dependency =)

        The answer is how to do it so that everything would work here: The project, only WPF is laid out there .. well and a bunch any information. Use. I read the description from Maykrasovta .. I could not get it to work. Thanks to all).