Tell me how to create a copy of MoveClip in the code, not a link, but a purely different MoveClip.

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    in the library, in the movie properties - specify the name for the class (for example, MyMovieClip) (checkbox Export For ActionScript)

    in code, create a new instance of your class

    var myMC:MyMovieClip = new MyMovieClip(); 
    • Not so understood. There is such a movie, and there all the data are already clogged up as coordinates and the like, you need to make another one, exactly the same, with such coordinates and all the data. - Bruyn
    • If nothing like this is written in the code of the movie class, then there is nothing like the standard heirs of the MovieClip class. - ShockWave
    • What if there are no functions that would copy the class, and not link to it, that now manually prescribe something so that each parameter of one class is assigned to another? - Bruyn
    • Well, each parameter is certainly awesome, but the necessary properties will have to be copied (and, yes, in AS3 there is no possibility to easily copy working instances of classes, none). - ShockWave
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