What is SM? About him is sung in the song: http://teksty-pesenok.ru/rus-yurij-nesterenko/tekst-pesni-pesnya-o-ppogpammistskoj-mol/1958735/

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    Soviet copy of DEC PDP-11 - igumnov
  • probably this is the most unusual and unexpected question here) - thunder
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    "SM", as they say "trademark" (TM) of the USSR Ministry of Instrumentation. There were analogues of some burzhuinsky technique. SM-1 and SM-2 - I do not remember, Google to help. SM-3, SM-4, SM-1420 - dec pdp-11, CM-1600 - like a dual processor, one processor - pdp-11, CM-1700 - dec vax-11 ... - alexlz
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    Wikipedia: SM Computer - Sergiks
  • The cognitive question))) - Sharp - sighted