There is a form and a form handler. The handler can go on the button. It is also necessary to get to the same handler by reference. If you use the GET method, then it is understandable. just pass on this page in the address bar parameter. Is it possible to do this with POST? I do not really trust GET, since an attacker can pass any parameters, and the url view deteriorates.

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    pass through a hidden field - woland
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    and in POST the malefactor cannot transfer any parameters? - zb '

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On the first question:

<form action="/formhandler/" method="post"> <input type="hidden" value="123" name="input1"> <input type="hidden" value="456" name="input2"> </form> <a href="#" onclick="{document.forms[0].submit();return false;}">ай! ой!</a> 

For the second - it never helps, because through POST any data is transmitted by any evil uncle as easily as through GET.