Good day, I don’t know if I called the question correctly, but the essence is this: There is a WPF project, I go to the project folder, there are folders: bin , obj , Properties , Resourses and all my sources. In the bin folder there is a Debug folder, there is an exe to my program.

How can I put together this whole project? I mean, collect all the necessary files for work in one folder. What files are needed, which are not? (It sounds silly, but otherwise I don’t know how to formulate).

  • All files are in bin / Release. (Just remember to compile target = Release) - VladD
  • @ alex91, can you better think about creating an installer? Then the head will not hurt about what files are needed / not needed. In Visual Studio, the installer is easily generated. - Olter
  • target = Release - Is it necessary to specify in the assembly file? - alex91
  • it is better to specify and compile this in the "Batch build". - Sofver

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Awesome article in MSDN itself: The details describe what types of installers can be made, and how they differ from each other. If in general, then there are 2 ways:

  • ClickOnce Application
  • Windows MSI Installer

The first is a very cool, easy, fast installer, and even with the auto-update application when a new version is released.

The second one allows you to always push a lot more into the installation project, and it also has more customization options.

From the experience of deployment in an organization, I can say that I use ClickOnce, since it is very cool for small projects (by the way, GitHub and Google Chrome also use it).

  • By the way, and Nant is an analogue of what you listed? - alex91
  • Yes, Nant does the same. Those who switch from Java to C # is the most it :) - Drac5
  • Then this is for me :) - alex91

Usually everything you need is in the folder / bin / {configuration (usually Debug | Release)}

But here you need to understand that dlls that are installed on a development machine may not get there, therefore, a very simple way suggested @olter - create an installer wizard - for simple projects, it will be able to figure out what is necessary and what is not.