Please do not kick with your feet, the problem can be solved already, but I can’t find it.

Although something like this jumped jquery-select-hierarchy-master, but not that.

The essence is that there is a select with makes and models of cars, for example. But in one it is overwhelmed very bulky.

Is it possible to somehow develop it in jquery into 2 hierarchical selects like here that is, we choose BMW and models appear in the second selection - 320, 520, 630, and so on

  • Badly searched - Related select lists jQuery - Deonis
  • Thank you, lampa, a good option, because for the time being I don't know much about Ajax - Jean-Claude

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Schemes can come up with a lot. The total is approximately as follows:

To change the main select ( change ) you hang up a handler that will request the server ( ajax ) for the data for the second select and, when getting the data, you simply update the second select.

    I did this: JavaScript dynamic lists