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There is a task to make uploading files up to 200mb to the site server (to the directory), implemented using Uploadify , I made all the settings to increase the size of the uploaded file in the php settings and in the Uplodadify settings Uplodadify .

But when downloading a file of about 50 to 200 in size, IO Error , and files up to 20 megabytes load normally, why? Help solve the problem ...

Or maybe give some uploader work ...

  <script type="text/javascript"> <?php $timestamp = time();?> $(function() { $('#file_upload').uploadify({ 'fileSizeLimit' : '204MB', 'QueueSizeLimit' : 1 , 'buttonText' : 'Загрузить микс...', 'formData' : { 'author' : '<?php echo $author;?>', 'title' : '<?php echo $title;?>', 'time_m' : '<?php echo $time_m;?>', 'style' : '<?php echo $style;?>', 'quality' : '<?php echo $quality;?>', 'megab_mix' : '<?php echo $megab_mix;?>', 'tracklist' : '<?php echo $tracklist;?>', 'author_page' : '<?php echo $author_page;?>', 'email' : '<?php echo $email;?>', 'time_s' : '<?php echo $time_s;?>', 'unikkod' : '<?php echo $string;?>', 'timestamp' : '<?php echo $timestamp;?>', 'token' : '<?php echo md5('unique_salt' . $timestamp);?>' }, 'swf' : 'uploadify.swf', 'uploader' : 'uploadify.php', 'onQueueComplete' : function(queueData) { alert('Поздравляем! Загрузка завершена!'); } }); }); </script> 
  • $_FILES[]["error"] which code gives? - Indifferently
  • He understands it loads small files, but the big ones do not understand why he does not want ... - Alexander Sizintsev
  • In any case, you need a server response code. Once Uplodadify gives an error, it is clearly not 200. It is unlikely that there is a problem with Uplodadify itself, most likely a problem with the hosting settings. If the size of the post-data is correct, it will not hurt to check the execution time of the scripts. SecFilterEngine in off? - Indifferently

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It is necessary to increase the maximum amount of post downloaded file. Create in the root .htaccess, with the parameters:

 php_value upload_max_filesize 200M php_value post_max_size 200M 

if it supports hosting.

  • Yes, the fact of the matter is that I also did it = / I wrote it in the root of the site, I think in the folder where the script itself works there is no sense in giving the settings .htaccess - Alexander Sizintsev
  • here it loads 15% of 81mb, resets, then tries to load a couple more times and displays error IO Error = | And I don’t know what to do ... it seems to have worked before = (And can there be some conflict when Jquery is connected on the page? - Alexander Sizintsev