Hello. Recently, I caught myself thinking, or rather a question that I myself could not answer. Why do browser developers push web development tools into all browsers by default? If they use the percent of 10-20% downloaded (offhand and IMHO). Why not make 2 versions: for web developers and regular users.
P.S. I know that it is better to ask them. But I wanted to share the idea that you, too, could not sleep;)

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    Two versions are two separate products, two tests, a bunch of new bugs. Hence the conclusion - it makes no sense. - KoVadim
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    And what is the general meaning of this issue? If you do not like to use browsers with tools for the developer, then do not use. Who are hindering these tools, which can only be found with a great desire? - AseN
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    because support is easier to say - "press F12 and copy what you see" - zb '15

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When making the second build, developers will have to release updates in the future not only for the main assembly, but also for the developer build. It is easier to work once and no longer soared.

    I don’t know how it’s with others, but after downloading the Chromium Projects browser component, I noticed that the debugging console comes with the control itself, so it would be foolish to cut it out, since there is a possibility.

    Well, and I think that 10-20% is the wrong number. In my opinion, it will soon be necessary to build factories for burning web developers, so the debug console is quite consumable.

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      > 10-20% Quite a real number. Maybe even overpriced. Take the number of Internet users in our country and count these percentages. Obviously a lot of developers. In any case, in my environment there are a few percent of them. - skegg 8:50 pm

    Actually for website writers, so that they can adapt their creations to all browsers.

    And the two versions are not logical, no one can guarantee that in the version for developers and in the version for users, the same site will work the same.

      I read interesting expert opinions and will offer my version. Browser is such a “window” to the Internet that “repair, attach vents”, debug scripts, modules, plug-ins, test and customize layout, it’s more convenient to use in it, perhaps this is the reason for the tools in the box, you don’t have to do additional sniffers , some constructors and emulators.

        It seems to me that there is still such a simple point: If a developer simply tests and develops for a specific browser, then he will write code based on the fact that he should work in this browser. And if it is difficult to test, develop under the browser, then it will not be competitively capable. the cost of developing a site with a compatible one will be more expensive.