Wildly furious that when searching for some necessary information, half of Google’s output leads to this site, which, in fact, is translated into Russian using google translate, stackoverflow.com. Maybe there is some way in the google settings to remove it from the issue. Ideally, a user-script or a plugin that, when entering w3support, would throw on the original theme on the stack.

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    Yes, google recently had such opportunities . You can directly go to the settings page and make there the desired site. This already works on google.com, but does not seem to work on google.com yet.

      You can also add the phrase to the search bar


      Or, you can log in and use the direct link - http://www.google.com/reviews/t?hl=en You can cut up to 500 sites.

      • I know about it, but it's a crutch. I want to drive a 2-3 spam site once and forget about them forever. - ArtFeel

      For Chrome I found the Personal Blocklist plugin . This is exactly what you need, I think for other browsers there is something similar.

      • Minus the malicious use of the word plugin to denote the extension . - karmadro4