Hello! The question arose whether books exist for studying Qt, but not such as is usually the case, which tell something concrete and too general, but something really worthwhile. I am particularly interested in the whole Qt, starting from its root components, on what everything and how it is built, models, items and other components of this library. It is advisable that the books be in Russian, but if there is no Russian, do not mind reading in English.

  • qt is now actively developing and absorbing new features (qml + qml libraries of the qtdesktopcomponents type, mobile platforms), I doubt that the books keep up with all this, especially considering that 5.0 was released less than 2 months ago. It’s not worth talking about Russian as a rule - books most often come out a year late or even two as a rule - aknew
  • Well, let's say we fold Russian. But after all, there is something that Qt is built on, where does it evolve from, why does it work and so on? I doubt that with each new version the library is being rewritten from scratch, although, as I noted, everything changed very much in 5.0, but the core and the principle of operation hardly changed, or rather the Qt philosophy. This is what interests me. - MorkOFF

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Something I did not quite understand your "special" requirements, but if it is useful, here is a list of more or less relevant books in Russian that I know.

  • Max Schlee "Qt4.8. Professional C ++ Programming"

  • Borovsky Andrey. "Qt4.7. Practical C ++ Programming"

  • Blanchett, Summerfield. "Qt4. C ++ C ++ Programming"