In Denver, when creating a site, a folder is created with the name of the site and it should contain the www folder. So I want to change the name of this folder to my own. That is, for example, instead of:




I suspect that something needs to be registered in the Apache settings, but I don’t know what exactly.

  • what really helps you is not to think about Denver as a separate program, but to think about apache / php and other components, why complicate your life with a new entity? here on your question - there is there everything is written. - zb '

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  1. Open the file C: \ WebServers \ usr \ local \ apache \ conf \ vhosts.conf
  2. Find the line "# Host /home/" above
  3. Start with it and very carefully follow the instructions from the comments in the file itself.
  4. Do not forget to restart the server every time you want to see the changes.
  • it says that after restarting Denver, the changes in this file will be lost - Lucky
  • Right. That's why I didn’t write that it needs to be edited, but I wrote "read carefully" :) For example, in vhosts.conf for /home/ apply in httpd.conf. This is to understand what Virtual Host is. This is already from httpd.conf \ # The following directive is needed in order to connect the file with all the virtual hosts available on the system. This file is modified \ # automatically at startup, so any changes made to it \ # are not saved. If you want to affect the contents of the file, then change the \ # virtual host template that comes above. \ # Include conf / vhosts.con - void
  • Many thanks! - Lucky
  • By the way, you can do without a change. I realized right now that you can still go to the right directory - Lucky
  • You're welcome. PS - is a subdomain configuration. The question was how to make sure that the root directory for would be root instead of www. In your case, root is already root for That is the difference. - void