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It has long been a question that there is a pointer to a top-level form and whether it is there ... In windows forms, it is indicated by " ^ " ... This is not a simple pointer ... I tried to replace it with " * ", nothing worked. I searched in Yandex, I did not find anything at all. So what is it? What is it for? Why not get by " * "? I just use it as a pointer, but I don’t understand it ...

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    The symbol ^ (сircumflex) is used in C ++ / CLI to denote links to managed objects (object reference). The * symbol is used for unmanaged pointers.

    I do not know what and how you searched, but this information can be found in the same Wikipedia .

    • And how do managed objects differ from unmanaged ones? Can you give examples of objects of these types? - Alerr
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      System :: Object is managed, std :: vector <T> is unmanaged. It is worth reading some books or articles about .NET and C ++ / CLI, and then start writing. Otherwise, stuff the bumps with a rake that you lay yourself. - nitrocaster
    • Thank! Now I will know what to read)))) - Alerr