How to organize work with a socket? I read a bunch of different articles, but they are made there just for a simple chat, and I’m doing a client-server game and, in fact, you need to use a socket to transfer data. And also, I am interested in how to connect and work in the future with the database given Access.

  • @Veizdem, by socket, expand the question in more detail. For example, why you do not use "well-known objects", and decided to do sockets? - Nicolas Chabanovsky
  • The task was to do it all on sockets, the motivation was, I quote: "a small amount of data during transmission." As for what needs to be transferred, absolutely everything is processed on the server, and all these parameters are transmitted to the client, up to parameters, for example button1.text, while this button is on the client, and the parameter value is sent by the server. - Veizdem
  • So, what do you explain? Or are you looking for a good article on sockets? - Nicolas Chabanovsky
  • Yes, I am looking for a good, maximally clear and complete article on sockets and an article on working with Access databases. - Veizdem pm

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If we talk about sockets in .NET, then there is a pretty good article on MSDN .

  • Thank you, but I would like more examples ... I reviewed MSDN first ... - Veizdem