background: -webkit-linear-gradient(top, white, #bad6c0) no-repeat; 

So, if the site fits into the floor of the screen, the gradient background also fills the floor of the screen, and the remaining half is WHITE. How to fill the entire screen, regardless of the page content ???

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    What element apply? Check whether this body is accurate.

    • I swear it's body. Checked in all browsers. If you do not use a gradient, then normally - floods the entire screen. I had to use a crutch - I registered it in body {min-height: 1000px}, but this is not the way out? - Deus

    All is decided -

     background: -webkit-linear-gradient(top, #dfffe8 100px, #97c49a 300px) no-repeat, #97c49a ; 
    • Did you decide by making a double background - color and gradient? Try to replace the colors with others in order to understand what this line is doing :) Try replacing 100px and 300px in this line with 0 and 100% respectively, and see the result. - Crasher
    • Just checked, everything is OK. The remaining space of the browser normally fills the required color - Deus