I do a simple DB in access. There are two labels "Operation" and "software."

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To simplify data entry created form "Form1", which contains a nested form "PO02".

In this form, I want to first enter the values ​​in the strings "From", "To", "Capacity", and then just enter the data in the "ID_PO".

How to make it so that when creating a new record in the “PO02” nested form, the line “Operation” automatically takes the current (!) Values ​​from the line “ID_Operations” of the form “Form1”.

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    1. In the database schema establish a connection between the tables.
    2. Create a subform form using maser
    3. Finish
    • Thanks for the advice. Today I created a new form with the help of a wizard, I didn’t have to finish anything - everything worked right away. - kop_vlad