There was a ready program on VC ++.

I created one dialog box and a button in the menu item that opens (should open) the dialog box.

But there is a problem: I do not know how to snap this window. Please tell me how to bind it (dialog box)?

Tried to find in Google - there is a darkness of other information in which the necessary is lost.

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    bored :)) - mega
  • What's the problem? (1) You can’t make your code execute by choice of a menu item? (2) Can't you open a new window from this code? - VladD
  • @VladD, I do not know how to open my code. The program appears the desired menu item, but it is not active. I do not know how to do that when I clicked on this button, the window I created would open. - andrw
  • Do not quite understand what it means to "open code"? - VladD
  • @VladD, in meaning, launch my dialog box that I created. - andrw