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There is a connection to the database, eats, but certain requests are executed. Is it possible from a third-party site (and how, if possible) to make select / insert / update / delete requests to a specific site?

ps If something is not correctly asked, please indicate what is wrong, because asked about what I do not quite understand. Actually I want to dig into another database from one site

  • @frank you mean queries in the database? The database can be located anywhere. - lampa
  • I think Navikat and analogues support connecting to a remote host - abibock_un

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It is possible, for this it is necessary that the database "listened" to the connections from the outside and the user who connects has the rights not to connect and perform any actions.

  • I would just like a simple example (let's say there is a right) - frank
  • what example? :) the request will not be anything else except the name of the host to which we are connecting. and everything is absolutely the same. if about setting up mysql, then this is no longer here, but as root code), but better in the mysql documentation - thunder

Through the so-called HTTP tunnel. To do this, a script is uploaded to the site, which is called externally via HTTP. You can look here and download the program. It contains a file for the organization of the tunnel - libMySQL.php . Through the session settings menu, you can connect by specifying the full path to the file in the session settings, but after downloading this file to the remote server. If we are talking about managing not through a program, but through a script from another site, you can see how it works via HTTP with your libMySQL.php and implement similar calls in your own script using a standard protocol analyzer.

  • It is also an option. I just looked for a direct method. - frank
  • what straight line ??? mysql_connect (host ..,)? - Smash