Hello, dear connoisseurs of Drupal!

Not so long ago, as free time began to study Drupal. The task is primitive - to create a page with a list of news, in the sidebar to display categories. What is done:

  1. Created a new type of content - News entry
  2. Created a new dictionary in taxonomy - Web development. Items - PHP, JS, HTML, MYSQL, etc.
  3. Added a category to News entry
  4. Installed Views module.
  5. Created with Views a new page that displays all the News entry. URL - site.name/news
  6. With the help of Views, I created a block that displays categories in the side bar.

The question is as follows:

  1. How to make the url type - site.name/news/php / ... when you click on the category. The default is http://site.name/taxonomy/term/11
  2. How to properly implement the functionality that I described above.
  3. If in the taxonomy for each item I manually write news / php as a url, it seems that it will not be entirely correct. I would like the taxonomy term to pick up news.
  4. When I open a post or category - News is not an active menu item. How to fix?

PS: Subject Aberdeen with drupal.org


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    1. The Path and Pathauto modules also do not forget about Transliteration for transliteration in urls and Global Redirect to avoid duplicates.
    2. Theoretically all right
    3. Yes, wrong, with the help of rules in the Path will be picked up in the machine.
    4. Module Сontext , or using jQuery , but the module is easier.
    • Thank! With the URL figured out, everything works as it should. But with the Context is not working. Do not tell me step by step how to properly highlight the menu if you are in a category or viewing an article? - Barton
    • Unfortunately, I can’t tell you since I haven’t come across such a module for a long time. Try this module (fits the description) drupal.org/project/taxonomy_menu_trails - Happensit
    • ok thanks for the help! - Barton