So it became just interesting. Kills the difference between .ru and .ua 15-20 times :)

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    supply and demand. - KoVadim
  • @KoVadim, not really. You can add here and the "degree of greed." I do not think that in Russia the demand for the domain zone ru is less than in Ukraine for the domain zone ua . However, in Russia, the cost of ru per year is about 20 bucks, and in Ukraine, ua is 50. - Deonis
  • the degree of greed is irrelevant. If the cost is high, they will buy less. Therefore, the price is reduced / increased, but exactly until the profit becomes maximum. Maybe they can just pay $ 50 in Ukraine, but not in Russia? :) - KoVadim

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As far as I remember (correct, if not right) registration of a ru-domain is also available. and jur. persons and does not require documentary evidence.

Registering a .ua domain is only possible on the basis of a trademark certificate.

In .EU document is required resident physical or legal entity. requires registration of a legal entity, etc.

These domain zones are more highly rated by search engines. Srach and Mr. sites are practically excluded in these domain zones. Well, in general, a light touch of elitism)))

Is it worth paying about fifty bucks a month? Definitely - yes.

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    As for prices ... Here the difference between different registrars almost comes up to two times (for identical domains) ... I think, a banal conjuncture. - SilverIce