I try to reconfigure the work of the site (online store), there are many regions and switching between them is done through the link parameter http://site.ru/?region=kyiv
But I want to transfer individual cities to subdomains and so that the census of links is approximately like this:

http://site.ru/?region=kyiv на http://kyiv.site.ru/ http://site.ru/some_category-7/?region=kyiv на http://kyiv.site.ru/some_category-7/ http://site.ru/some_category-7/some_good.html?region=kyiv на http://kyiv.site.ru/some_category-7/some_good.html 

There are several such cities. Thank.

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    as I wrote in the next question about subdomains - it is better to use DNS for taxiing subdomains. the point is that * .site.ru should be inserted into your site, and then everything else will be processed by the script. links in any case will be generated by a script, so ...