How to make a selection of the active item of this type
alt text
(there is a layout)

  • one li {} li a {} li a span {} - Palmervan
  • @ Palmervan in the sense? I'm interested in how to make this shaped rectangle at the active point. - Heidel

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Example with: before and: after.
It works in all browsers that I have :)

Threat code did not brush, in any case, this is not the final version, judging by the layout ...

  • I see, thanks. - Heidel

Or wrap links in additional elements, which specify different "backgrounds", or use pseudo-classes: before and: after.

  • It turns out that in order to set such a design, the link will have to be wrapped in three additional elements, for which you need to set different backgrounds for the left part, for the right part and for the central part? - Heidel
  • Yes, but not necessarily three. - Gena Tsarinny
  • How? - Heidel 2:01 pm