There is a simple 2-column layout of the block; width static, float: left | right; in one - a mosaic of pictures, in the other - text; but the difference in height is different: there may be more of both pictures and text. Is it possible within the framework of CSS to make one column flow around another, if that allows it?

  • In the form you wrote, I think not. In any case, you will need to either place one block "inside another", or some kind of multi-component layout (when data is divided into many blocks (not necessarily obvious to the user)) and JS to manage this all. - SilverIce

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The option of using the same float (left or right) for both columns comes to mind, and then the flow will be, but since your height is not known in advance, it can be checked for JS height and make a float in the direction where there is less content. (If there are few pictures, then left, a lot of text is right).