Hello, briefly - I am writing now in scripting languages, but I want to understand the principles of modern programming, namely, OOP, etc., to correspond to the tone of good coding .. Tell me where to start?! I would like not to delve into the particular syntax of certain languages, but to understand the general principles .. algorithms I understand that the question is too abstract, but maybe you will advise any literature / series of articles Thank you in advance!

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    Or maybe just go to github.com or similar resources and download a couple of projects for yourself, research them a little bit? Try to understand why and how this or that is written. And then take up smart books - everything will be much clearer. - KoVadim
  • Eh, wow modern programming! The PLO is older than you and I, Smalltalk appeared before the 1980th year. - VladD

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Steve McConnell - Perfect Code.