And how can you make a responsive design of applications on Android (smartphones, tablets), are there different extensions?
And can this be done by analogy with responsive website design?


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if I understand correctly, are you interested in layout for different screen sizes?
Layout files and images stored in different folders.

res / layout / my_layout.xml // layout for normal screen size ("default")
res / layout-small / my_layout.xml // layout for small screen size
res / layout-large / my_layout.xml // layout for large screen size
res / layout-xlarge / my_layout.xml // layout for extra large screen size
res / layout-xlarge-land / my_layout.xml // layout for landscape

res / drawable-mdpi / my_icon.png // bitmap for medium density
res / drawable-hdpi / my_icon.png // bitmap for high density
res / drawable-xhdpi / my_icon.png // bitmap for extra high density

More on this http://developer.android.com/intl/ru/guide/practices/screens_support.html