Good day. Today I go to my certain site and see the following. This domain is registered in the interests of the client.

I went to the hosting billing panel and I see that the hosting I have ordered does not physically exist. Lost the work of 3 months of work on the project.

The mail contains a lot of messages about ordering the service, its renewal, etc.

Who faced similar before? What should I do about what happened, etc.

I want to hear your advice and stuff.


Administrators are already engaged in solving this problem. In the near future, the account will be restored. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Waiting for)

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    There are such magic words: "backup", "dump", "test server" and "SVN" ... Those who say them regularly never complain about the loss :) - user6550
  • This is all well and good, but it’s written eloquently in the hoster’s documents - 3.1.6. The Contractor has no right to interfere in the activities of the Customer regarding his work within the provided Services, except as required by the laws of Ukraine. - Palmervan
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    Who is the hoster? Let the country know its heroes. - mantigatos
  • With the magic word git and the service, there is a free opportunity to store a copy of all revisions of the site sources, which is also not bad. - Sergiks

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Well, if there is evidence in the mail, feel free to write them and call!

If you go back down, feel free to sue, print materials from the post office - then they will sing another song.

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First call the support, if you are sent to put it mildly in the support, ask the elder for support, if he is just as tight, then if the hoster in your city boldly go to them! Come to them, in your hands you should already have a paper in 2 copies about what happened and what you want to figure it out! they take one for themselves, on the second they put a receipt number and a seal, and the name of the one who accepted the application. over time they must answer you.

You can print in your proof letters from the mail, and in the headers of the letters there is from whom sent up to IP.

I think they will quickly solve the problem, otherwise 1 review in nete can oh how badly affect the entire hoster!

@Palmervan if there is evidence in the mail, feel free to talk to them a tone higher than usual. Do not impose on them that you are right, but say this! If they are not stupid, they will go to the meeting and will do everything, if they are stupid, they will become even dumber.

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physically removing it is still problematic in terms of backups. those. what's the matter here, if only you have lost the data, then it smells like kerosene, if 100 clients have the same universal problem, but they also fall under violation by the hoster. And if only your account - then the question will arise otherwise that they have eradicated hands and all info and dumps - and this is +1 in your karma and winning the case in court.

  • I just want to add that my colleague had a similar problem. The hoster did not break for long when the court smelled it. As a result, compensation is 1500 greens and five years free host. BUT backups and dumps of the site, he naturally all have been saved)) Therefore, the moral: @klopp is right about backup storage, but having a dishonest hoster is a sacred thing. - Deonis
  • While I am in correspondence with them, they answer tightly. Now I will go with a lawyer at work to cover more! - Palmervan
  • Yes, because there is a violation of the rules by the hoster, money, and you can fuck a lot, believe in the word. This was with the St. Petersburg hoster one and me. 4 sites were ruined, and 3 months of their inoperability (trial), and as a result, a lot of money for advertising flew into the pipe from one of the clients. and there the amounts were not 1.5K green \ + blockage of site traffic. And this is a beautiful amount of money. - Artem
  • @Shrek, but from where 3 months? If there is a backup, the site unfolds within a day or two (taking into account the fuss with registering on another hosting and clearing the DNS). Months, even weeks - it is necessary to try hard :) - user6550
  • @klopp wrote the same (trial) all backups were hosted and could not be transferred until the end of the proceedings. because Initially they were not there, they kind of evaporated, and then they were found after the first few hearings, and so on. - Artem

It is necessary to sit on the ears of the hoster and ride it on the brain. Most likely, something flew away from them. And, if lucky, there will be backups and restore everything.

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    Not here it’s necessary to drip on the ears but to provide the data from the post office and if they don’t restore it - a court case that will be won! - Artem