Recently it was necessary to make an animation, I decided to use jquery for this. In the process of searching for information, I encountered the path construct, which was used to create the path of the object, in this code:

if( $theCircle.css('opacity') == 1 ) $theCircle.stop().animate({ path : new $.path.arc({ center : [409,359], radius : 257, start : 65, end : -110, dir : -1 }), opacity: '0' },1500); 

Link to the original article

It is interesting to deal with this design, it seems that there are many opportunities.

  • maybe useful somewhere, but I'd prefer SVG in such questions - Gedweb

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$ .path is a plugin, but not a built-in, as you said, jQuery construct. Therefore, in order to deal with its capabilities, it is best to visit the page of this project.