How does a number from 4 SS translate to 11 SS? For example, with 2 SS in 8 SS everything is clear, well, that is, such transformations are clear where you can base the SS into which you translate express through the base of the original SS. For example, for 2 ^ 3 = 8, etc.

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    @sergiks and in other languages ​​other methods and what? The author is not a tool asks. - Gena Tsarinny
  • @Genson, in the comments to the intval dock, there are alternative examples of implementing the translation, from which principles can be understood. In complete isolation from programming this question on the forum "Mathematics". - Sergiks
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If it's not a secret, why do you need it?
Here is a general description of the translation.

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    Well, for example the number 3210 (4) in (11). According to the formula, we write: 3x4 ^ 3 + 2x4 ^ 2 + 1x4 ^ 1 + 0x4 ^ 0, however, these operations (addition / multiplication) should be performed in the 11-ary CC - Gena Tsarinny
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    There was an asterisk, and it is perceived here as an element of editing. Now replaced by a multiplication sign through the "x" - Gena Tsarinny