How fast is dns updated? I attached the domain to the hosting, but I can’t log in. What to do - I'll never know. How long does it take to wait?

  • Cleaning the cache of your PC will definitely tell you whether the DNS and the provider’s cache have been updated or not. If yes, the site will open normally. - user213759

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The root servers of the zone RU are updated 4 times a day: at 2, 10, 14, 19 hours (MSK)

COM no more than half an hour. For different domain zones is different.

However, it still depends on how often your provider’s DNS is updated.

    from 15 minutes to a week. Many factors (your cache, provider’s cache, intermediate nodes)

    You can try it

    1. start - run - cmd
    2. ipconfig / flushdns (+ enter)

    if it doesn't help

    1. start - run - cmd
    2. % windir% / system32 / drivers / etc / (exactly)
    3. there will be a hosts file
    4. open in a notebook and add to the end of the line
    5. abcd your (where abcd is the ip of your site)

    in a week do not forget to remove this line)

      from 15 minutes to 72 hours :)