Interesting opinion about such a css-framework (yes funny name) as the 960 Grid System . It seems that chalon is good for design, but I don’t know for layout.
It does not even strain that you need to connect a small js-file, and whether the use of standard css with markup is justified by crap.
In general, as they say, "we are not badly fed here, too," is it worth it to stumble? Share your experiences, thoughts on this.

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    I use a similar blueprint . If for you the usual layout with zero, blocks, is not annoying, terrible, boring and tedious process, then css frameworks do not need you. If you like to add 4-5 divs and have a cross-browser structure of the site, then it’s worth bothering, especially since after you just read the css, everything will become clear.

    • clear. Honestly, the layout takes a lot of time, especially cross-browser. It is interesting in this case to compare the css frameworks. - stasych
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      I also use blueprint, it is essentially based on 960 Grid + some css tweaks added for more convenient work with forms, typography and some other elements. But all these frameworks should also be used wisely, the grid is used to lay out the basic blocks, you should not sculpt everything on it, but this approach not far from the table layout. - ArtFeel p.m.