I read a lot on the topic of "responsive" web design, who does not know "this is a design that adapts to all screens of mobile devices" and where I did not find anyone saying that it will be used in the future everywhere. Do you think that responsive design will be everywhere, on all sites in the next 5-10 years? And how do you think whether to create a site with a "responsive" design?

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    Yes. Obviously, the Internet will soon become fully mobile. Hospitals will be used only by developers. Ordinary consumers of content will use smartphones / tablets / etc. The Internet, in perspective, may even appear on the screens of refrigerators, clocks, etc. Or do you think that someone will make one device with one screen resolution and absolutely everyone will use it?

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      > the Internet will soon become fully mobile. What nonsense? - Deonis

    Yes, it will. Yes worth it.

    I'm curious, when you read a book about HTML5, C ++, Ruby or something else, do they write to you “this technology will be a super-duper and will everyone use it”? How many books I re-read - I have never met.

    And what really you. In Russian there is a name for this term - “responsive web design“.

      try twitter bootstrap - it's simple enough to start using