For an online store engine (php), what type of tables is best done: InnoDB or MyISAM?

What are the differences between these types?

What can you justify your choice?

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    If such a question arises, it is better to take MyIsam: more tolerance for glitches and careless handling. InnoDB allows you to normally lock tables, works a little faster. But in the event of a breakdown of the table without a backup, it is almost impossible to recover.

    • those. to make backup and innodb? :) - zb '
    • Yes. But here, too, there are subtleties: if the base is normalized poorly, and it is updated often, the backup should be done very often too. Although this is not an Inna problem, it is a problem of engine selection. - knes

    Score? Only InnoDB, because you probably need a transaction.

    Just set up the server correctly so that "tolerance for glitches and careless handling" is not useful to you.

    Better, get the same postgres.

      Most likely you will not feel the difference.

      InnoDB vs MyISAM

      The article was written a long time ago, but essentially nothing has changed.

        InnoDB . Because there are 2 big advantages:

        • does not lock the entire table but only one row (MyISAM blocks the entire table)
        • can build connections