Good day, this is what happened: when logging in to the admin panel on the django site, instead of transferring to / admin (admin address) after a successful login, throws it to "/ accounts / profile /" (standard redirect after login) - t .about. we get 404 error. In other words, the url stopped forwarding after a successful login (? Next = value). The site works under Django 1.3, Python 2.7.1+, worth grappelly 2.1. There are doubts, what can this old grappelli confuse all ends? Can someone come across this?

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    Too once there was such a bug, it seems like it updated grappelli and it was gone. Now Django 1.3, Python 2.6, grappelly 2.3.2, no bug.

    • So I have the same suspicions. I think that in the old grappelli there are parameters that are no longer relevant for the latest versions of jungle. Now I'll do the update ... - metazet
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      Updated grappelli - and the problem disappeared, we were right :) - metazet