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I need to attach to $_POST['banadd'] also $_POST['nick'] - how to do it?

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    This is sad ... - Alex Kapustin
  • Go to some resource dedicated to PHP and read about the lines: tyts and tydyts - Afipsky

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 fwrite($file,trim($_POST['banadd']) . trim($_POST['nick']) ."\r\n"); 

In php, the dot is the concatenation (pasting) of a string.

  • the strings will merge, and you need another space fwrite ($ file, trim ($ _ POST ['banadd']). ''. trim ($ _ POST ['nick']). "\ r \ n"); - Enpire

fwrite ($ file, trim ($ _ POST ['banadd']). ''. trim ($ _ POST ['nick']). "rn"); ^^ do it like this if you need a space