Hello everyone, can you learn how to work well with jQuery with basic JS knowledge? I ask you to advise good literature

  • I advise you to study: shamansir.github.com/JavaScript-Garden - lampa
  • To work well with jQuery, you will need more basic knowledge of PHP or another server language. This is to understand how AJAX works. - Lucky

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Online courses from jquery.com (announced just a couple of weeks ago): http://try.jquery.com/

Courses from such popular codeschool today: http://www.codeschool.com/

  • oh, tochnyak, I forgot about such things) I still have codecademy.com - actionless

With basic knowledge you can learn. JQuery Basic Concepts Click Here

  • You gave a link to the same textbook by Anton, just laid out not on his website, but on another resource :) - actionless
  • I probably wrote you an answer when Anton already answered :) - k0mar
  • Anton did not answer, he wrote this tutorial :) by the way, I recommend his blog for review not only for beginners - actionless
  • By the way, in the comments to the repost that you dropped, there is a link to another very interesting material: habrahabr.ru/post/31239 - actionless
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    @actionless, I would advise reading and training on these articles by connecting the latest version of the library and jQuery Migrate . In this case, it is possible, by learning, to track outdated methods. - Deonis

Yes of course.

http://anton.shevchuk.name/jquery/ http://anton.shevchuk.name/book/code/index.html

    There are video tutorials on embedding various plugins, etc. to the site, if you are just interested in articles, they are there too. link text I also like jquery-docs.ru very much, very healthy.