Hello to all! There is a file: editME.exe This file has a label, with text 54321. Code in Pascal Source

data: array [0..5] of byte = ($ 8B, $ 44, $ 24, $ 30, $ C7, $ 40);

It is necessary to place this text to write the text from edit1. Delphi 7.

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    You, apparently, decompiled the program in Pascal. What exactly do you want to do? - andrybak

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Most likely, edit1.text is of type String . You need to change the type of the data variable to String in order to assign a value from edit1.text , but this may affect other code that uses this variable.

  • And how to do this, I study Delphi month only. Most incomprehensible) - Vlad Andreev
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    It’s strange that you started by trying to edit an existing program (editME.exe). Decompiling is difficult, especially with subsequent editing. Start by writing your own programs. - andrybak