Dynamically create in LinearLayout (orientation = "horizontal") buttons, the number of which depends on the input number.

The question is which Layout (or add-on) is better to choose so that if the input number is too large (that is, the last button rests on the end of the screen), subsequent buttons are created on a new line, etc.

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    Um, I think it is necessary to catch this with pens :) - andreich
  • @ Max Rovkin, that's what I'm afraid :) - Sever
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    @Sever, what to do, is not always ready to use :) - andreich

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Why just take and not use ListView ?

  • Thank you for your advice. But if it were possible, I would use it. In the conditions of the task set before me, unfortunately, it is necessary specifically what I described. Do not ask why, do not ask why, it is not in my power to change something :) - Sever