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There were problems with the registration of the domain, and the task is this: register it so that I have the whole site, on the server (computer with ubuntu 12. 04 LTS, the latest, in short), ip is a statistical one, created a questionnaire for the Ru-center, listed there already 600 rubles, it remains only to take the domain, but it says

dns servers

In short, help. What to write in the field name, and what in the field ip address (your white, or provider, Ip learned it from cmd ipconfig / all). The main thing for me is that everything is on my computer, don’t say about hosting, no, I want to raise and administer everything myself. So what needs to be done?


Almost registered (I use registrar dns), but the question is what to write in ip ?? alt text

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The name does not seem to be necessary, and the IP is made by the statistical one that the provider gave. Then you lift the dns-server at your place, the standard zone settings, everything.

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  • Then you lift the dns-server at your place, the standard zone settings, everything. - vanekk1
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You need to set up (raise) bind on your server and in the settings register the NS type records with your IP addresses (there should be two of them).

But there is an easier option. Redirecting DVSs from the registrar to your server. When buying a domain, put a checkbox on "Use DNS registrar" (something like that). Next in the settings of the domain in the panel add an entry of type "A":

www.mydomain.ru. A IP-adrees вашего сервера mydomain.ru. A IP-adrees вашего сервера 

Save. Wait a day and your domain will be available and sent to your server.

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  • Of course there is, all registrars have it. - Yoharny Babay