I can't connect Python 3.3 and PostgreSQL 9.2 (Windows 7 x64 system) together. I downloaded pg-python for the link, but it is not installed, only when I type "import postgresql" on the command line of python - everything works, the database is created, the table is in it, the queries are working, but the script doesn’t run This is the postgresql module "...

PostgreSQL 9.2 is configured and works on localhost on port 5432

Please do not offer psycopg2 - it is written only for python 3.2. If you have a version for Python 3.3, then suggest and write where you can download it from :)

  • and if the full path to the module specify? - ArcherGodson
  • Maybe you need to somehow modify PYTHONPATH at startup? - skegg
  • Thanks for answers! Unfortunately, no one came up ... I’ll work on a home Macintosh, everything works fine there without any extra crutches ... - Evgeny Palguev