Hello, I would like to create a simple site. Its whole function is that the visitors ask me questions, and I give answers to them and that these questions and answers are displayed on the site. Please write whether it is possible to do this in HTML and the code of this, if not, in some other language. Thank you in advance)

  • You can, you can, this site is an example. - VladD
  • Look for any free CMS that supports questions, answers / comments / feedback. - Gena Tsarinny
  • do you want the site code to be written in response to you?))))) I’m saddening you, but it’s not enough in a dozen lines - DreamChild
  • one
    On HTML, no. You need to use server side scripts. - skegg

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Use ready-made solutions. For example, disqus . As they say on the main page:

From small blogs to mass websites, Disqus is the easiest way to create active communities. It is free and works with almost any type of website.

How it works you can watch live here (at the bottom of the page): http://learn.javascript.ru/intro