How to make so that the users of the site "A" imperceptibly for them installed cookies from the site "B"?

On sites that do not prohibit to show themselves in an iframe, this is solved by loading the page of the site "B" into an invisible frame. Cookies arrive with the page.

But there are sites that prohibit showing themselves in frames and redirect their beloved ones to themselves.

Tell me, please, what and how to do in such cases? :)

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    Open JS new window with site B: no menu, minimum size, under the other windows. Since the window is opened by a script from site A, he will be able to close it himself: after 10 seconds, for example.

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      1) Settings: Block pop-ups. 2) The minimum size of a popup window is 100x100 px - istem


     <img src="" alt="" /> 
    • C cookies arrive, but from the site that is needed - no. :( - Angelina_Jo
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      So a good site. And you write XSS? - istem
    • Not. Just experimenting. :) Site "A" can show its users certain information only if these users have already been on site "B" and have received cookies from it. :) - Angelina_Jo