To go to the images section of the website, the link in the browser (address) was not but

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    1. AJAX (upload content images to home page)
    2. Cookies (using the button we create cookies "loc = / images /", update, load what is in $ _COOKIES ['loc'])
    3. POST requests (quite a crutch), catching $ _POST ['loc']

    <form method="post"><input type="hidden" name="loc" value="/images/" /><input type="submit" value="images"/></form>

      4. You can shove all the content into one big iframe.

      • By the way, yes, and then <a href="/images/" target="my_iframe">Images</a> - Sh4dow
      • What for? The whole site will be in the frame anyway. The main thing is that there is no target = "_ parent" or _top. - ling

      Wrap all the links with a thread like jQuery. From the script handler load the content with the same AJAX. ... or wrap links with anonymous function using the same jQuery, it has methods for loading content.

      If required, I can tell you more, and in several versions.

        jQuery $ .load ("link to file") to help, but if you are worried about search engines, then the idea with one URL is better to refuse.