Here it is described that in order to send several messages at a time (several recipients), you must use the following code:

$messages = []; foreach ($users as $user) { $messages[] = Yii::$app->mailer->compose() // ... ->setTo($user->email); } Yii::$app->mailer->sendMultiple($messages); 

The question is: why is it needed and why was it developed, if the simplest and most common

 Yii::$app->mailer->compose() ->setFrom('') ->setTo([',,,']) ->setSubject('Тема сообщения') ->setTextBody('Текст сообщения') ->setHtmlBody('<b>текст сообщения в формате HTML</b>') ->send(); 

sends all messages?

  • And when will different users need different text to send? For example, greeting by login, etc.? One message to different users, different messages to one user and different messages to different users. - fedornabilkin