Tell me, what options operator Write in Pascal is. For example, the options: Write, Writeln, WriteForm are considered different. List all such options for a thorough study.

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    @platinumsemen, here is not an inexhaustible source of basic knowledge. Please look in Google (well please :) - insolor
  • What is the goal? - AseN
  • @Asen to study each variant of the operator Write, you just write their names, and I will go on info - platinumsemen
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    It may be better to ask a question from the other side, i.e .: "How to do with the help of the operator Write ..." - Niki-Timofe
  • By the way, these are not operators. Go Read The Fine Manual. - karmadro4

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Thoroughly, it means. Well then read the ISO7185 and ISO10260 standards .

By the way, you will not find any WriteForm procedure there. Obviously, this is a non-standard extension, which is present only in the dialect you use. Therefore, I recommend that you take a better book on algorithms and your enthusiasm, which, judging by the style of the questions, you do not hold, send in a really useful direction.