I do not remember how even this miracle is called in android, I did not work with it at all. In general, this is a list where each element is a heading and its value. You need to implement such a list, and you also need a lister that will handle the click of the element to show a menu with options and edit. You also need to be able to read list data from other classes, let's say the list consists of 10 elements, for example, this is the phone book, name and phone, so from another class you will need to be able to get, say, a list of all phones and work with them.

  • And what prevents to draw such a list in the layouts, or rather the line of this list, and then use ListView + (blank for the string) + SimpleAdapter? And you can also modify the SimpleAdapter a bit, but personally I haven’t yet encountered the fact that it was necessary. - Dex
  • Duck, I did not work with them at all) - AndroidDev

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See in my question , try, good luck.

  • Well, there still need to and click on the item to process - AndroidDev
  • So process, this is the usual onListItemClick event - implements OnItemClickListener - Dex